Tow Or Use The Spare? Your Options When You Have A Flat

Finding out that you have a flat tire while you're away from home is annoying, but the solution is usually simple; call for a tow to a tire store. Yet if you're one of the lucky people who still carries a spare tire, you have one more decision to make: whether to have the tow truck actually tow you or ask the driver to install the spare. Most tow drivers have the tools to do that, so while you wait for the tow truck, think about the following.

Your Route Includes a Freeway

If the only way to get to your preferred tire store includes a freeway or high-speed highway, you'll need to be towed. Spare tires are small and can't really take the heat and bumps created when you drive faster than about 50 miles per hour; the risk of the spare tire blowing out increases if you try going above that speed. The tow truck, however, will be able to bring you and your car safely to the tire store or mechanic without creating a hazard.

You Need Time Before You Can Afford the Repairs

If you can put the spare on your car, you can drive your car. While you don't want to drive your car for too long with the spare on, if you're at a point where you have to go home to get the money for the tire repair (not everyone has enough credit, and so on) or you have to wait until the morning for your preferred store to open, that spare allows you to bring the car home instead of leaving it unattended. Get the spare put on, go home, and when you have the money and time, drive carefully over to the tire store.

You're Outside Your Towing Mileage Area

If you called a tow truck as part of an auto club membership, you'll have a number of free tow miles that you can take advantage of. If the tire store is outside that range, you can pay more to be towed that far, but you may decide that you want to save that money. In that case, using the spare is better as long as you don't have to travel on a freeway. Again, if you do need to be on a freeway, then you need to pay up for that longer towing distance.

If towing is the better option for you, contact a towing service, like Green's Towing & Auto Repair Inc, to get you on your way!